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Skipper Pond Sailing Yacht - Red Stars 10" Contender

Skipper Pond Sailing Yacht Red Stars Contender
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Our fantastic range of toy sailing yachts by Skipper, are loved by children, parents and grandparents. These boats really do stay afloat!

Their sails are made from genuine sailcloth with adjustable rigging, and they have a painted solid wooden hull with a steel keel, so that they always stay upright. Our own family has had hours of traditional fun over the years with these sailing yachts. We've sailed them on ponds, lakes, in rockpools, in swimming pools, chased them down streams and we always try to squash one into a suitcase whenever we go on holiday. Just remember to tie on a piece of string if you don't want them to sail too far.

This 10" Contender model - is the larger of our two sizes of yachts. It has brightly painted red hull and keel, a varnished natural wood deck, and a white sail with a classic red stars design.

These Skipper yachts have been carefully built and designed to sail, but when not in the water, they also look great displayed on a shelf in a child's room as lovely example of a traditional toy.

Suitable for ages 3 years and upwards.

We also find that much older children love these yachts, and in a world filled with electronic toys and entertainment they often rediscover the simple pleasures of traditional play by sailing a boat on water.

Packaged in an attractive open-fronted box.

Approx. dimensions of yacht: length 25cm, width 7cm, height 31cm

Important Safety note: Must be used under adult supervision when near water. As with all water related toys, extra care must be taken with children when playing with toys in, on or near water.
Skipper Pond Sailing Yacht Red Stars Contender
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